Tuuri Dede


First prize first time in an international competition!

Last Sunday, August the 6th, I participated in a competition called "Havets Röst" ("Voice of the Sea"), which happened for the first time. It took place in a small city called Mariehamn in Åland. It was a rather small competition, but had suprisingly many amazing singers from Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I got to meet many interesting people and overall it was a very warm welcome. 

Here are the results:
Tuuri Dede, I prize (6000 euros)
Sigrid Vetleseter Boe, II prize (2000 euros)
Martin Lissel, audience favourite (500 euros)

Alina Koivula, jury`s special prize for Poulenc interpretation

Here is the jury:
Mikael Fagerholm (head of jury)
Markus Lehtinen
Gabriel Suovanen
Annika Ollinkari